Officer Positions & Requirements

Requirements: per AMA Constitution

1) Must be a PAID currently active member to run for office.
2) Must have at least a 2.5 Cumulative GPA.

General Duties of all officers: per AMA bylaws

1) An officer shall always seek low-cost alternatives when available and be as modest as possible in his or her spending.
2) Officers holding cashboxes must keep all money locked and secure at all times as he or she is fully responsible and will be held liable for any discrepancies with the cashbox.
3) Keep inventory of all consumable goods (i.e. drinks, chips etc) in the office.
4) Take care of all AMA property
5) Prepare a final report at the end of each semester.
6) Assist other officers with events and programming as necessary.
7) If officer has a committee, he or she is in charge of the supervision of their committee.
8 ) Signing and adhering to the officer commitment form.

Elected positions: Elected officers will have to run for office and will be required to fill out an officer application form. In addition, all elected positions will require a speech to be made on election night/potluck. Winners of elections will be announced the night of banquet.

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