Executive Board


Awarded the Excellence in Chapter Planning Award at the 36th annual American Marketing Association- International Collegiate Conference.

Arisha Sial | President


Arisha is a Supply Chain and Logistics major with a minor in Energy and Sustainability. She joined AMA to increase her network and learn about an aspect of business separate from her major in order to broaden her knowledge and her time with AMA has led her to do exactly that. During her free time she enjoys shopping for school supplies and taking care of her bamboo plant. An avid user of her computer, Arisha can type inhumanly fast; 80-100 words per minute.


Ashly Collins | Vice President


Ashly is majoring in Marketing with a minor in Management and will be graduating spring of 2016. Membership director is a great job for Ashly because she loves socializing and meeting new people. She hopes to help this association grow with many diverse members and ensures that everyone has a great time! Everything about marketing she enjoys. The Marketing association has been wonderful about teaching Ashly more about her major and presenting great job opportunities. The American Marketing Association is Ashly’s family and she is honored to represent them!


Aishah Ansari | Director of Communications


Aishah is currently a Junior who joined AMA in the Spring of 2015 after transferring to involve herself in an organization based on her chosen major, marketing. Aishah is looking forward to a great semester as the Director of Communications, after serving as a Committee Leader after just one semester in AMA. She says AMA is revolutionary and changed her life, socially and professionally.  Aishah has established herself as a strong individual, with starting her own photography business at the age of 16 and now photographs professional portraits, head-shots, weddings, graduations, and other occasions throughout the city. Also, a successful writer, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger, she has proven herself as innovative and creative. Since joining AMA she has strengthened her leadership skills, developed a network, and has established herself professionally. She only hopes to grow more through AMA.


Cristian Macedo | Director of Corporate Relations


Cristian Macedo, expecting to graduate in May 2017 is pursuing a double major in Marketing & Finance. He joined AMA to expand his network, hone his skills as a marketer, and bridge the connections between education and the world of Marketing. A true believer of continuing education, Cristian uses the skills that he acquired in AMA to run his college tip website www.educateurself.com. In his free time, Cristian enjoys traveling, playing the violin, and keeping up with technology trends.


Richard Wang | Director of Finance


Richard is a double major in Marketing and Finance graduating in Spring 2016. He joined AMA in order to better develop his abilities in marketing towards others, increase his network, and develop a broader understanding on how to run the financial aspects of the organization. He hopes to gain the experience of handling monetary transactions. Since joining AMA he has gained new connections, learned valuable marketing skills, and have a better understanding of how money is handled in the organization. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis and watching new TV shows. He loves classical music and has played the viola for seven years.


Malik Otuemhobe | Director of Operations


Malik joined AMA solely for professional development and prosperity. He always wanted to do something outside of school, and he was tired of going to school and then going straight back home. Malik is originally from Dallas, and he did not have many friends coming into college. He says joining the organization helped AMAzingly.


Viridiana Duran | Director of Membership


Viridiana is a senior at the University of Houston and is majoring in Advertising with a minor in marketing. The number one reason Viridiana loves being in AMA is because it’s awesome, and she really enjoys the activities and people in AMA. A fun fact about Viridiana is that she loves being outdoors and is a huge foodie.


Diana M. Nguyen| Director of Design


Diana, referred to as Diana Maria or Diana M, is a junior majoring in Marketing and minoring in Studio Art. She joined AMA to experience and immerse herself in her future career field  – aiming to land herself in marketing work with the entertainment, film, and music industries. In her spare time, she checks out concerts and theater shows and eats a lot of sweet potato fries, all while relishing in the landscape that is urban and upscale Houston.


Diana Nguyen | Director of Public Relations


Diana is a Marketing major with a minor in Graphic Design and will be graduating in May 2017. She joined AMA to improve her professional image and linguistic skills. The past year with the organization has broadened her knowledge in marketing strategies and expanded her networking connections. Diana is a proud Intelligence Agent for Oakley and a certified trainer for Onnit. She is also a competitive eater and an avid gamer. Most of her free time is spent traveling the world, trying foreign cuisines and pursuing her dream job as a Creative Director in the Gaming Industry. Her philosophy of life is to always Nguyen, Nguyen, Nguyen no matter what.


Taysia Ciurana | Director of Philanthropy



Valerie Ikhimokpa | Director of Technology


Valerie is a junior that is double majoring in Marketing and Management. She is apart of the Bauer Business Honors Program. Valerie joined AMA to learn about the marketing industry and ensure that marketing was the career path for her. She enjoys listening to music and going to concerts or music festivals. Valerie hopes to travel to at least 30 different countries in her lifetime.


Camille Corales | Director of Fundraising


Camille Corales is now a junior at the University of Houston who is planning to double major in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Camille joined AMA in 2014 expecting to gain experience and a network. However, after a year, AMA also gave her a family at school. With Ama, she has learned a handful of new things, such as public speaking, event planning, and being able to talk to business professionals! After graduating, Camille plans to take her experience, knowledge, and network from Bauer/AMA to start up her own business.




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