Join Us For The Spring 2015 Semester!

3.21.15 General Meeting #6 {6pm in UCBB 522}

Please join us this upcoming Tuesday for our last GM of the semester. We are excited to feature our sponsors from Reynolds & Reynolds as our guest speakers. They will talk about what they do and possible positions at their offices. Feel free to bring your resume. This meeting will be a little bit different, so members listen up! We will be discussing the officer positions that will be available for next semester, the duties of each and if you are interested in one, you are encouraged to run. Many officers are graduating and we need a strong and dedicated board.

3.22.15 Last Bake Sale {9:30am-3pm in Backdrum of MH}

In order to be an active member in AMA, you must have accumulated at least 100 points and must have attended at least 1 philanthropy, fundraising, professional, and social event. This upcoming Wednesday, you will have an opportunity to get those last minute points by volunteering at our bake sale. Volunteers are always appreciated so we hope to see everyone there at some point. Please sign-up through the link provided above. 

3.28.15 Potluck/Officer Election {6pm-8pm in UCBB 510}

Next week, we will have a potluck so please bring your favorite dish! This will be a fun gathering where people running for office will give a short speech and everyone will vote for their favorite candidate. Everyone is highly encouraged to come because we want to hear YOUR voice. Attending the potluck will replace any needed event category for active member status. Please sign-up through the link provided above. 

3.29.15 Happy Hour

A major perk of being a part of AMA is that you are also a member of the Houston and national chapters! This Happy Hour is a Houston chapter event where you network with local professionals. We hear nothing but positive feedback from members that attend so don’t be shy. The location will be announced soon, and keep in mind that you need a professional event to be an active member. 

3.30.15 Bauer Bash {3pm-7pm behind the Student Center}

Come support AMA in the student organization dessert cook-off! It’s free to attend and only $5 to participate in the desert cook-off! Ride a mechanical shark, pie-a-professor in the face, and enjoy food, live music, and free t-shirts!